Habermas is a graphic design studio specialized in packaging design with international recognition

At Habermas we design concepts, brands and narratives for national and international companies from strategy. We create global solutions for a global market. We make the complex simple.We are a flexible team of professional talent who share a creative vision.


Peentawards 2020. Silver in the food packaging category.

German Design Award. Nomination in the 2021 edition.

World Brand Design Society 2019. Agency shortlist award in the packaging category.

London IOOC (International Oil Competition) 2019. Annual Selection in the packaging category.

London IOOC 2019. Bronze in the packaging and product design category.

Exhibition “The best design of the year”, 2016. Group exhibition organized by FAD, Barcelona.

Laus 2016. Bronze in the packaging and/or labels category

EDAwards 2015 (European Design Awards). Finalists in the alcoholic beverage packaging category.

EDAwards 2015. Finalists in the cosmetics packaging category.

Exhibition “The best design of the year”, 2014. Collective exhibition organized by FAD, Barcelona.

Laus 2014. Silver in the category of corporate identity for small and medium-sized companies.

Laus 2014. Bronze in the packaging and/or labels category.

Design Award 2014 from the AAD (Andalusian Association of Designers), in the communication category.

Exhibition “The best design of the year”, 2013. Group exhibition organized by FAD, Barcelona.

ADC*E Awards 2013 (Art Director Club of Europe). Nomination in the packaging category.

Laus 2013. Silver in the packaging and/or labels category.

Packaging Packaging Exhibition. Packaging project “Botanicapharma natural cosmetics” selected by CEU Valencia for the sample. Paris, November 2012.

Laus 2011. Bronze in the packaging and/or labels category.


The package design book 6. Taschen Wallpaper* Magazine. 2014, 2019

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Book of envy (Laus Catalog 2011)

Emballage packaging exhibition (Paris, November 18-22, 2012)



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Creative inspiration



Casa Ozana Restaurant (Seville)

ESTIMAR Restaurant Rafa Zafra (Barcelona)

ESTIMAR Restaurant Rafa Zafra (Madrid)

Casa Jondal Restaurant (Ibiza)

La Colosal Restaurant (Pangea Travel Store, Barcelona)

Callizo Restaurant (Huesca)

Culinary Circus Group (Tarragona)

Kaizen hotels (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz)

Hotel Vereda Real (Seville)

Tierra de Olivos Restaurant (Seville)

Alegrias Flamenco-Cabaret (Seville)

Hacienda Benazuza elBullihotel (Seville)

La Azotea Group (Seville)

Hotel Casa Palacio María Luisa (Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz)

La Muela Restaurant (Reus, Tarragona)

Food Room Kitchen Classroom (Marbella, Málaga)

Weldon hotels (Seville)

BBou Hotels (Málaga)

Utrera Town Hall

Cajasol Foundation (La Caixa)

Department of Employment, Business and Commerce

Sandetel (Innovation Department)

San Telmo Institute

EOI Business School (Madrid, Seville)

Heineken Spain


Cosentino Group (Almería)

Sevilla University

Bodegas Mar 7 (Cádiz)

Sánchez Ayala Wineries (Cádiz)

Mantecados El Mesías (Estepa)

Mantecados San Antonio (Estepa)

Antoñín Sugars

El Alcoreño artisan bakery

Murex Beers




Three Mediterranean Cultures Foundation

Andalusian Committee for the Knowledge Society

Surgenia (Andalusian Design Technology Center)

Plus (Consultants)

Alquimia Group (Tax consulting)

Maf Auditors

Viva Aesthetic Center (Barcelona)

Fibes (Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville)

Asaja Sevilla

Emasesa (Public Water Company of Seville)

Glassinox (screen manufacturer)

Santo Cristo Ovens (Mallorca)

Lola Organic (La Coruña)

Unei (ONCE Foundation)

Professional Version Group

Salt of Cadiz

Artisan bread La Molinilla

La Matilla Oils


Juan Pedro Domecq

Ceres Builders Group

Frotcom Spain